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Preventive Medicine Specialist

Treken Primary Care

Primary Care Practice & Family Medicine located in Atlanta, GA

At Treken Primary Care in Atlanta, the supportive team takes preventive medicine seriously. They offer a wide range of services to identify and treat health problems before they become severe. From lifestyle modifications to Pap smears and prostate screenings, Treken Primary Care helps you stay healthy now and for your entire life. To make an appointment with one of our providers, book online or by phone.

Preventive Medicine Q & A

What are the best preventive medicine measures for women?

There are several preventive care measures specific to women, including:

  • Pap smear: cervical cancer screening test
  • Mammogram: breast cancer screening test
  • Clinical breast exam: manual exam to check for breast abnormalities
  • HPV immunization: immunization to prevent certain types of cancer

Your Treken Primary Care provider typically performs both a pelvic exam and a clinical breast exam during your annual women’s health check-up. 

Preventive screening with Pap smears and mammograms happens on a regular basis, and how often is based on your age and possibly other factors. Your care provider assesses your cancer risk to determine the right Pap smear and mammogram schedule for you. 

The ideal time for HPV immunization is age 11-12, but you can also get it as an adult, based on your care provider’s recommendations.

What are the best preventive medicine measures for men?

Men’s preventive health care should include prostate cancer screenings, typically starting sometime between age 40 and 50. Prostate cancer screening can include a blood test, a digital rectal exam, or both. 

Men can also get HPV immunizations to prevent penile, anal, and other kinds of cancer that affect men. The immunization is recommended for children around age 11-12, but men can receive the vaccine as an adult, too.

When should I start colorectal cancer screening?

Colorectal cancer screening usually starts at age 45 for both men and women who are at average risk for this type of cancer. But you might need to start before then if you have a personal history of cancer. Screening can be done through a special kind of stool test or through a colonoscopy, a test in which a gastroenterologist views your colon and rectum through a small flexible scope. 

Most patients only need a colonoscopy every 10 years. But you could need more frequent colonoscopies if precancerous polyps were removed during your last colonoscopy.

How can lifestyle modifications help me stay healthy?

Lifestyle modifications are often a major part of a preventive health plan. Maintaining excellent whole-body health reduces your risk for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and other chronic diseases and conditions. 

The Treken Primary Care team partners with you on your health journey. Their assistance with lifestyle modifications includes nutrition guidance, exercise recommendations, and help with losing weight or quitting smoking.

Get the best preventive medical care in Atlanta by calling Treken Primary Care or clicking the online appointment tool now.