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Wellness Specialist

Treken Primary Care

Primary Care Practice & Family Medicine located in Atlanta, GA

At Treken Primary Care in Atlanta, Georgia, your whole-body wellness comes first. The experienced health care providers combine traditional western and holistic medicine to help you reach your peak state of wellness. From weight management to exercise guidance to lifestyle modifications, the Treken team creates a customized wellness plan for you. Book an appointment online or by phone today.

Wellness Q & A

How often should I have wellness check-ups?

The team at Treken Primary care recommends annual wellness check-ups as an excellent way to address your health concerns and learn more about whole-body health. Yearly check-ups are an important part of wellness care because your provider helps you take steps to prevent serious health problems before they develop as well as to address any existing health problems.

Depending on your unique situation, your Treken Primary Care provider might recommend more frequent check-ups. 

What types of problems do wellness check-ups cover?

Your wellness check-ups at Treken Primary Care are customized to address your needs. When you arrive for a wellness visit, your provider talks with you about what’s been going on with your health, reviews any symptoms you’ve been having, and answers your questions. They perform a physical exam and compare the results to your most recent visits to keep track of changes. 

Some of the many services covered in wellness visits can include:

Weight management

If you’re overweight or struggle to keep your weight stable, the Treken Primary Care providers can customize a weight management plan for you. This includes specific nutritional guidance and exercise recommendations to help you lose weight. If you need to gain weight, they can help you do so in a healthy manner.

Lifestyle modifications

If you’re suffering from chronic fatigue, insomnia, or other problems directly related to your habits and routines, lifestyle modifications can help. The Treken Primary Care team expertly evaluates your current habits to identify where you may need to make some changes. For example, having a more consistent bedtime and not using your phone or other screens right before bed are two of the many things that could improve your sleep habits. 

Weight management and lifestyle modifications are only two of the many things that your Treken Primary Care providers can help with. Wellness visits focus on making positive changes that can help you feel your best. 

Can I start new wellness routines on my own?

Many patients start a new exercise routine, diet, or supplement plan on their own. But even over-the-counter supplements and seemingly harmless diets can affect your body in ways that you didn’t anticipate. So it’s wise to check with your Treken Primary Care team to make sure it’s actually a healthy choice before getting started.

For wellness visits with enthusiastic and caring providers, call Treken Primary Care or click the online booking tool now.