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Women's Health Specialist

Treken Primary Care

Primary Care Practice & Family Medicine located in Atlanta, GA

The team at Treken Primary Care provides comprehensive women’s health care for ladies in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. You can trust your providers for discreet and compassionate care, including pelvic exams, clinical breast exams, and referrals for mammograms. Click the online appointment maker or call the office to book your women’s health visit today.

Women's Health Q & A

What does a women’s health exam cover?

Women’s health exams generally focus on your reproductive system, but can include whole-body health as well. Every women’s health exam includes a pelvic exam and a clinical breast exam. The pelvic exam evaluates your reproductive organs and external genitalia, and the clinical breast exam checks for lumps or other irregularities in your breasts. 

Depending on your age and health, you might also need a Pap smear or a mammogram as part of your comprehensive women’s health exam. 

Pap smear

A Pap smear is a quick test in which your care provider scrapes a small sample of cells from the lining of your cervix. The cells are sent to the lab to check for abnormal cells. A Pap smear identifies abnormal cells early so you can potentially avoid cervical cancer.


A mammogram is an imaging test of your breast tissue. While your Treken Primary Care provider performs a clinical breast exam by gently palpating your breast tissue, the imaging test can find the lumps or tissue irregularities that are difficult to feel. By identifying potential breast cancer early, your chances of treating it successfully are much better.

Your Treken Primary Care provider tailors your women’s health exam specifically to you, so the visit could also include a discussion about birth control or STD testing. If you’re thinking of trying to get pregnant, your provider can discuss nutrition and other lifestyle modifications to help you have a healthy pregnancy. 

How often do I need Pap smears?

It depends on your age, health, history of cervical cancer, and other factors. While some women have a Pap smear every year, you might have as much as three to five years between Pap smears depending on your particular situation. Your Treken Primary Care provider recommends a schedule that’s ideal for you. 

At what age should I start mammograms?

It depends on your specific needs. Your Treken Primary Care practitioner counsels you regarding a good starting point. Usually, most women start screening at age 40-45, but you could potentially need to start earlier if you have a family history of breast cancer. 

For a women’s health care exam delivered with compassion, call Treken Primary Care or use the online booking tool to make your appointment.